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Self Storage, Packing Supplies, And What You Need Before Moving Into A Rental Unit

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You're ready to prep for storage. What packing supplies do you need for self storage? You're not sure which materials can help you to protect your belongings and prevent move-related damage. Before you bring your haul to a self storage facility, take a look at the supplies that can help you to keep everything from dishware to dressy clothes safe.

Can You Store Everything In Cardboard Boxes?

Yes, you can store almost anything in cardboard boxes. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans use nearly 69 million tons of paper and paperboard annually. Cardboard boxes are a type of paperboard product that you can recycle or reuse. If you don't want your cardboard to end up in a landfill, you can reuse it as a packing material for storage.

Not only can reusing cardboard boxes for storage help the planet, it's a budget-conscious packing option. Instead of buying new containers, you can reuse old appliance, electronics, or other boxes. If you don't have old boxes at home, ask friends, family, or even local stores for boxes to use.

Even though cardboard boxes are eco- and budget-friendly, you can't store everything in these paperboard containers. Heavy items, such as hardback books and textbooks, could easily break through the bottom of a box, so cardboard is better suited to lightweight storage. Instead of heavy items, use cardboard to store belongings such as paper products, linens, clothing, soft children's toys, and holiday decorations.

What Other Containers Do You Need?

If you shouldn't use cardboard boxes for everything in your self storage facility rental, what other types of containers will you need? Plastic bins can help you to store heavier items. These containers can also effectively keep dust, dirt, and other debris away from delicate or fragile items in storage. A tight-fitting lid can seal the container and keep everything from pests to dirt out of the bin.

Can You Store Clothing In Bins and Boxes?

You can fold and store pants, shirts, dresses, coats, and more in either bins or boxes. But there are also other ways to store these items. Store lighter clothing that won't easily wrinkle in totes, luggage, or plastic bags.

If you have dressy clothes that need to stay on hangers, try a wardrobe box. This type of specialized cardboard box has a bar to hang dresses, suits, or other easy-to-wrinkle clothing on.

To learn more about self storage, contact a professional near you.