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Cold Storage Warehouses—The Preservation Of Perishable Goods

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If you will be expanding the number of perishable products that you will be selling at your place of business, cold storage may be essential for the preservation of your merchandise. A cold storage warehouse will keep items chilled around the clock.

A Warehouse

Mass producers and merchandisers may choose to have a cold storage warehouse constructed on their property. The addition of a cold storage warehouse will allow business owners to keep an eye on their merchandise. An on-site warehouse will provide a convenient way for items to be stored and retrieved as needed.

Some business owners may decide to store their items in an off-site cold storage warehouse. A company that dropships merchandise, for instance, may benefit from storing a lot of its product line at an off-site facility.

An off-site facility may provide a business owner with ample space to store a wide range of products that need to be temperature-regulated. If a business owner chooses to store products at an off-site facility, they should consult with the owner of a facility and request pricing information that pertains to storing goods. Transportation to and from a warehouse may be furnished through a warehouse or a freight company. 

The Operation Of A Warehouse

A cold storage warehouse relies upon the use of insulation and an HVAC unit. The insulation prevents the exchange of heat. Thick insulation will provide the best level of protection from warm air. The HVAC unit that is installed within a cold storage warehouse will be complex. The components of an HVAC unit are critical in keeping the temperature within a facility at a consistent temperature. 

The thermostat within the facility will need to be set. Equipment that monitors the temperature will ensure that the interior storage setting always remains consistent. Various products should be stored at specific temperatures. For instance, fresh produce will need to be stored at a warmer temperature than foods that have been flash-frozen.

The Construction Plans And The Use Of The Storage Space

When a new warehouse is going to be constructed, the contractor who oversees the construction project will determine what types of HVAC components will need to be installed. They will base their decision on the manner in which the warehouse will ultimately be utilized.

Once a warehouse is up and running, shelving and storage bins can be placed inside the storage space. Products can be classified, based on their size and category. 

Contact a local cold storage warehouse service to learn more.