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Want To Downsize? 5 Steps To Use Storage As A Trial Run

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As American life becomes increasingly complicated and expensive, many people are seeing the value in voluntarily downsizing their homes and belongings. Are you one of them? If so, you may want to take some time instead to do a trial run using self-storage. Here's how.

1. Rent a Large Space

First, you'll need space to move around in the storage unit, so don't skimp on size. It's okay to rent more space than you think you'll need. This gives you flexibility about how you handle your trial run. You can move things in or out as best fits your plans. 

2. Move Target Belongings In

Next, pack up most or all of the household belongings you expect to purge when downsizing. It's okay to be more aggressive during this stage because it's all only temporary. And you will still have access to the items while in storage. 

Even though this is only a temporary relocation of stuff, make sure you use proper packaging and store things in ways that will protect them. The project may take longer than planned. 

3. Make an Inventory

For this trial run to be the most successful, you need to know what you have stored and how to access it. This means that you want to be organized, making note of what you put in storage and where it is. Keep this inventory handy, in either written or digital form. 

4. Track What You Remove

Once you put things in storage, continue living your life as normal. You will likely find that over the months, you need to get some things out of the storage unit. This is normal, and you should do so as needed. Make notes about what you end up needing. This better informs your downsizing plans.  

5. Determine Time Frames

Chances are, you don't need everything you placed in storage on the same schedule. You might have discovered you couldn't live without your food processor on a daily basis but only regretted not having your old Christmas decorations once a year. 

By noting how often you need stored stuff, you can then use a future storage unit as part of your permanent downsizing strategy. 

Where to Start

The best time to start a trial run before downsizing is right now. Tour quality storage facilities convenient to you today. With their help and options, you'll soon have a great base in which to firm up your downsizing plans for a lifetime of success.