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4 Errors People Make When Putting Their Valuables In Self-Storage Units

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Renting a storage unit is an excellent way to get the additional space you need for your business or personal needs. It saves you money and keeps your valuable items secure throughout the storage process. However, you need to fully understand all the storage rules and regulations if you want yours to serve you for a long time. Here are the four mistakes that can complicate the storage process and why you should avoid them.

Storing Prohibited Items

People often make the mistake of storing items that the storage service providers do not allow. Generally, there are rules and regulations about what is allowed in a unit and what those prohibited. For example, perishable food and ammunition are not welcome inside the unit. Similarly, the rules prohibit the storage of animals, plants, and any flammable materials inside the unit. You should get a comprehensive list of the items you should store and what to avoid from management before starting the storage process.

Failure to Control Access Into Your Unit

Another common mistake people make when dealing with the units is failing to control the number of people who can access them. Access control is crucial, especially in cases where you want to store valuable items like business inventory. The management will give you a combination access code for the unit or a key. Ensure that you know and don't trust everyone with access to yours because that is the only way to keep it secure from burglary and damage. Additionally, always ensure that your unit stays locked when not using it.

Packing Items with Moisture

The state of your items when going into the unit also determines your self-storage experience. For example, if you pack damp clothes and store them in the storage, the chances they will get moldy and stained is high. It is best to clean everything thoroughly before storage. Also, pack the items in packaging materials that easily protect your items from weather damage.

Declining Insurance Plans

The storage companies do their best to ensure their customers' items are safe. However, it is always wise to plan for any eventuality occurring during the self-storage process. An insurance plan covers any damages and losses that happen during self storage.

You will have an excellent storage experience when you avoid these mistakes. Remember that the ideal way to handle your storage needs is by getting a trusted and reliable company.