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Small Businesses That Can Put Self-Storage Units to Good Use

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There are so many types of small businesses that self-storage facilities can be used for. If you are planning on starting your own small business, then you don't want something like not having enough space—or not having a business space at all—get in your way. Fortunately, there are self-storage units you can rent and use for this so that you can get started right away. Here are a few ways that business owners in various industries take advantage of self-storage for the success of their business. 

Repair and Other Service-Related Businesses

There are so many types of businesses that fit into this category. While the businesses can vary greatly, the one thing they have in common is self-storage can be used to help get the businesses off the ground. Some examples of businesses that would fit under this umbrella include: 

  • Pool cleaning and maintenance

  • Plumbing

  • HVAC service and repair

  • Residential and/or commercial painting

  • Roofing

  • Handyman services

  • Yard care and maintenance

  • Vehicle and RV detailing

Service businesses like this often require specialized equipment that needs to be stored when not in use. This is when a storage unit could be especially helpful, particularly if your business is run from home and you don't have extra storage space to go around.

Online Stores

So many people own a business that involves them selling products and goods to customers over the Internet. This can be such a rewarding business to be in, and it can also be an easy one to get started with. However, one of the hurdles that many face as they start out is not having a place to keep their inventory. You'll want to have a space that is safe and well-organized to run your business smoothly. Many people use a self-storage unit for this. Since they can bring in their own shelves and tables, they can organize it, so things like inventory and order pulling are much easier. 

Sellers of Refurbished or Repaired Goods

A lot of people have businesses where they sell items they repaired, refurbished, or improved in some way. They may get these items at yard sales or online listings. Sometimes, the people will even get items that have been thrown out, and they will fix those items up and sell them for a nice profit. A hard thing about this type of business is finding space for all those items while they are waiting to be sold. Many in this business choose to keep these items in a self-storage unit. They can take pictures of the items after they are fixed up, post the items online and even in local ads, then get the item out of the unit when it has been sold.

If you have a small business, storage units could be a necessity to your start-up's success. Research storage facilities in your area to see which one has the qualities you want and need.