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The What's, Why's, And How's Of Student Self Storage

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Do you live in a dorm room, studio apartment, or shared house? Even though you may have plenty of closet space, you may still need extra student self-storage. Before you stash your stuff, take a look at the what's, why's, and how's of student storage unit rental.

What Is Self-Storage?

You're new to adult life and everything that comes with it. This may mean you've never had to store anything outside of your parents' basement. If you suddenly have too much stuff to fit into your dorm room or shred home, it's time to learn more about self-storage rentals. 

Self-storage provides a safe space to keep your stuff. More specifically, it offers you an outside-of-your-home area to put anything that won't fit inside of your dorm room or new college home. This type of rental may include a variety of different options. These range from month-to-month no-contract rentals to full-year or longer leases. Along with the rental term, you also have size and climate control choices.

A climate-controlled storage unit is necessary if you have temperature or humidity-sensitive items. These may include electronics, artwork, leather furniture or clothing, musical instruments, or wooden furniture. 

Why Do You Need Self Storage?

The most obvious answer is to keep your overflow items somewhere other than your dorm room or apartment. This benefit is more of a general reason to choose self-storage. Specific reasons include clutter reduction, safety, and less time spent moving everything from temporary home to temporary home. 

College dorm rooms aren't known for their spacious square footage. Instead of leaving half your stuff in your parents' home, causing clutter-related problems with your roommate, or tripping over the mountains of belongings you chose to bring to school, select a storage rental. The same goes for apartment living or for college students who share one house. 

Beyond clutter complaints, a storage rental can increase the safety and security of your belongings—especially anything that's fragile, breakable, expensive, or irreplaceable. You won't need to worry about your roommates accidentally knocking over a cherished heirloom or a similar home hazard.

How Should You Rent a Self Storage Unit?

Before you sign a rental agreement, visit a few different storage facilities. This gives you the chance to explore your options, compare rentals, and price shop. Make sure the unit you choose has all the features you want or need. These could include climate controls, specific square footage, or added security features. 

Reach out to a local student self-storage facility to get started.