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3 Reasons To Store Your College Items In A Self-Storage Unit Over Summer Break

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If you're currently living on campus and planning on going home for the summer, you'll need someplace to store all of your belongings between semesters. While you can pack up all of your stuff and take it back home with you, this can be a hassle — if you live far away from the college and need to use a moving company, it can also be quite expensive. Instead, you should consider renting a small unit at a storage facility near your college campus during your next summer break. It's inexpensive and eliminates the hassle and expense of moving all of your textbooks, school supplies, and appliances back home. Below are three reasons why keeping your college stuff in a storage unit over the summer is a great idea.

1. Saves Money Compared to Shipping Your Belongings Back Home

When you consider the costs of packaging up all of your college stuff and shipping it back to your home, it's often cheaper to simply rent a small storage unit for the duration of your summer break. If you live in on-campus housing, it's unlikely that you will have any large furniture to store — this allows you to save money by renting a smaller storage unit. If all of your belongings fit inside your tiny dorm room, it's likely that they will fit in one of the smaller offerings at a storage facility. By renting only the space that you need, you'll be able to securely store your college stuff at a price lower than paying a moving company to ship all of your stuff back home — you'll also avoid the hassle of loading up your car and transporting it all yourself.

As an added bonus, many storage facilities near college campuses offer discounts for college students, which allows you to save even more money when you store your items over the summer. Make sure you make reservations for your storage unit well before summer break, however, because many of your fellow students will also be renting storage units during the summer — it can sometimes be difficult to find a storage unit to rent if you wait until final exams are right around the corner.

2. Offers Greater Discounts When You Choose Storage That Isn't Climate-Controlled

You'll find that many storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage, which are constantly kept at room temperature at a moderate humidity level. Typically, you won't need this as a college student. It's vital to use climate-controlled storage when you're storing electronics or wooden furniture, but you're probably bringing your electronics with you back home and don't have any wooden furniture to store. Storage that is not climate-controlled is safe to use for small appliances like a toaster oven or a mini-fridge — just make sure that you clean and dry them thoroughly before storing them in order to prevent bacteria or mold from growing on them.

3. Simplifies Moving Into the Dorm After the Summer Break

When you rent a storage unit that's close to campus, it makes move-in day for the new semester much more simple. A storage facility with easy drive-up access that's near to your dorm or apartment makes it easier for you to make multiple car trips to load up your stuff and drop them off at your dorm. You also avoid the risk that you'll accidentally forget something at home when you move back in for the new semester — all of your belongings are just a short trip away, held safely at the nearby storage facility.

Overall, renting a storage unit is a great option for college students who need somewhere to put all of their stuff over the summer break. It's an inexpensive and convenient way to keep all of your textbooks, appliances, and school supplies close at hand. If you'd like to rent a storage unit over the summer, call a nearby storage facility, ask about their rates, and make your reservation for the summer before other students have a chance to make theirs.