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Temperature-Controlled Storage Units: A Comparison On The Temperature Control Methods

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If you are looking to rent a temperature-controlled storage unit, you may be surprised to learn that there are three ways in which these units are heated. Each of these ways/methods has its own benefits, but you might find one way/method that is better for the storage of your items than the other two. Here is a comparison on temperature control methods in storage units, which you may find helpful as you search for a temperature- (or environmentally-)controlled storage unit.

Total Building Control

This method of heating storage units and keeping them at a specified temperature involves heating the entire building or structure. A single commercial furnace pumps heated air into the whole building, either from ventilation shafts overhead (which often means that all of the units are "cage" units to allow the heat to circulate through the tops of the units) or from the installation of floor ventilation. (Floor ventilation is a little better because the units do not have to be open to the ceiling. This makes them more secure, while allowing the warmer air to travel upwards from the floor vents.)

Renters can be assured that what they store is at a relatively constant temperature, maintained well above freezing during the colder months. The furnace is typically turned off during the warmer months. However, unless there is also a commercial air conditioner running during the warmer months, things might get a little hotter in your unit during that time.

Individual Unit Controls

Another temperature-controlled system for storage units that you might come across is the individual unit control. Each unit has its own thermostat, which allows you (the renter) to set the temperature of your unit exactly to the temperature you want. These units might be heat only, or heating and cooling. The entire system is connected to a large commercial system that can deliver individualized heating and/or cooling needs to your unit. These individual unit controls may also be used in conjunction with individual compact furnaces.

Individual Compact Furnaces

Under this method, each storage unit is supplied with its own compact furnace, ventilation system to expel heating gases outside and heat the unit inside. Because this is a much more expensive option for the proprietor, it becomes a much more expensive option for renters. However, it does allow you to set the heating controls (and only heat) to whatever degree you need. It may also allow for the installation and use of humidity controls, if you have objects that are sensitive to the drying conditions of just heat. Contact a business, such as LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center  for more information.