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Unusual Sights, Smells And Sounds You Should Report To Your Storage Unit Landlord And Why

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Renting storage units is a fairly straightforward business. As a renter, you are happy to have a safe place to put all of your excess stuff, and you can rest easy knowing you do not have to check on it every day to make sure everything is okay. However, if you should ever see, hear or smell anything unusual in or around your storage unit when you are visiting it, you should report it to your landlord right away. Here are some unusual sights, smells and sounds you should report to your rental unit landlord and why.

Unusual Sights

Unusual sights would include mice, rats, cockroaches, unidentified liquids oozing from underneath the doors of storage units, etc. All of these things could indicate that a food source or something organic is present in a storage unit that should not be there and it is drawing these pests by the hordes. Pests mean that your stuff is not as safe as it should be, and your landlord will definitely want to look into these situations to keep everyone's stuff safe.

Unusual Smells

Foul, sour odors and smells of decay, rot, rotten eggs, smells of feces or urine and/or the overpowering smell of bleach are all unusual smells in storage units. Since some people may try to use storage units to horde food, store bottled chemicals, or just to live out of the units cheaply (albeit illegally), the smells your nose picks up could be any of the above. Additionally, the smell of rotten eggs could indicate a gas leak if your storage units are heated and the furnace is a gas furnace. Reporting what you smell helps your landlord fix any potentially dangerous or lethal problems before they get out of hand.

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds in storage units often include banging noises, sounds of stuff being knocked over, dropped, fluttering of wings, tweeting birds or hooting owls and chirping or clicking noises. These all could indicate that animals (e.g., raccoons, opossums, bats, birds, etc.) have found their way into the storage facility and will need to be removed professionally. Someone could also be trapped in a storage unit if the units self-lock when the doors are dropped. Be careful in seeking out where the noise is coming from, and always alert your landlord to a possible animal pest problem. For more information about renting a self storage unit, contact a facility such as Statewide Self Storage.