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2 Things To Keep In Mind When Using A Self-Storage Facility In The Winter Time

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If you need to move some of your household items into a storage unit or mini storage unit this winter, you need to think carefully about how the weather will affect your items before you put them into storage. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when storing items during the winter time.

#1 How Temperature Affects Your Items

If you chose to use a non-climate controlled storage unit, the outside temperature will be largely similar to the temperature that is inside of your unit. If you choose to rent a climate-controlled storage unit, you can set the temperature, and create conditions that are similar to those inside of your home.

The type of storage unit you rent, non-climate controlled or climate controlled, largely depends on what you are storing. Some items can withstand the cold better than others. If you plan on storing items such as camping gear, bicycles, outdoor sporting equipment and patio sets, you should be fine with a non-climate controlled unit.

If you plan on storing items made out of wood or leather, plastics, glass, electronics or paper items, you should go with a climate-controlled storage unit. These items can be damaged by cold weather and by fluctuation in temperatures. 

#2 How To Prepare Your Items

Before you put any item into a storage unit, you need to prepare the items for storage. All items that you place inside of a storage unit should always be cleaned before they are stored. Cleaning your items will help keep them in better shape, and will make them less of a target for insects, mold and mildew. Make sure that all your items are dry though before you put them inside of your storage unit; you don't want trapped moisture to get frozen. 

Additionally, try to avoid using plastic tarps to cover items into your storage unit. Plastic tends to trap in moisture, which can create the perfect condition for mold and mildew to thrive. To keep your items safe, cover them up with cotton or wool covers; these materials do not hold in moisture and will help keep your items dry.

Before you move any items from your house into your storage unit, make sure that you think about how the temperature inside of your unit will affect your items, and take time to clean your items before you put them away for winter.