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How To Reduce Your Risk Of A Fire In A Self-Storage Unit

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When you store items in self storage units, you rely on having them in good condition and protecting your items. Unfortunately, you may be doing things that are unintentionally raising your risk for fire, which could destroy many of your personal belongings. Here are some tips for reducing the risk of a fire breaking out in the storage unit.

Know What Not to Store

The items you choose to store in your self-storage unit can make all the difference. Your storage facility likely has very strict rules about what you put in boxes and bins. They have all of these rules for a reason. For example, they don't want you storing any liquids that could potentially be flammable, since it increases your risk for a fire exponentially. All that would need to happen is have those flammable liquids close to a heat source, which could happen easier than you might imagine. Some flammable liquids that you should never keep in a storage unit include fuel or oil of any kind, gasoline, paint, chemicals, and alcohol.

You might think certain cleaning products are fine to store, but some of them contain harsh chemicals that could be flammable, so it is best to keep them at home. You should also never have anything in aerosol cans or fertilizing products in the storage unit. If you are storing equipment that might have fuel or gasoline, make sure it is emptied or has no risk of leaking out.

Store Paper Goods in Fire-Proof Containers

While paper itself can't just go up in flames without a heat source, it does increase your risk for fire. If there was something stored that had the potential to start a fire, having paper items close to it increases the risk. This is why it is best to practice caution and keep all paper items inside storage containers, preferably those that are resistant to fire. This includes your files, documents, and any valuable paperwork related to your business, finances, marriage, children, or assets. Not only do they become something to help add fuel to a fire, but they are at risk and vulnerable while in the storage unit.

Be Careful With Electrical Appliances

Your self-storage unit might have electricity, which is great when you want to turn on a light to look for something, or use the storage unit as a separate workspace. However, keeping the lights and electrical equipment turned on for long periods of time can put it at risk for fire and electrical hazards. Make sure you turn off and unplug lights, computers, and other electrical devices you are using in the unit.