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3 BIG Reasons To Choose Indoor Storage For Your Survivalist Supplies Catch

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It is estimated that there are at least three million preppers, or people who are prepared for an emergency or disaster, in the United States. If you fall into this category and consider yourself a prepper, survivalist, or just someone who thinks logically about the future and wants to plan ahead, there is a pretty good chance that you have an ever-growing cache of survival supplies on hand.

Keeping all you need on hand at home can get to be overwhelming, taking up a lot of space in your house and intruding on your day-to-day life. Seeking out a good indoor storage unit facility where you can tuck away some of your supplies is a good idea. There are several BIG reasons why it is always best to go with indoor storage over a traditional storage unit for your survivalist supplies. 

1. Indoor storage means less of a concern of pest problems. 

When you are storing things for the long term, pests can wreak havoc on stored food supplies, clothing and blankets, and just about everything you place in storage. One of the biggest benefits of storing your survivalist items in an indoor facility is the fact that problems with pests will not be as big of a concern. Pests are not just less of a problem because the unit will be accessed from within the walls of a facility, but also because the temperature and moisture levels will likely be controlled as well. 

2. Climate control helps keep foods shelf stable for the long term. 

Canned goods, bottled water, and even dried foods like rice and beans can be much less shelf stable for the long term if they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Storing your food and water cache in an indoor facility will almost always mean that you will get to take advantage of climate control. Therefore, your food and water supplies will be safer for the long term. 

3. Indoor storage means less of a threat of looting in a disaster. 

Take a look at the typical storage facility and you will likely see that the only thing keeping stored items safe is a locked door affixed to each storage unit. An indoor storage facility adds an extra layer of security that would no doubt be advantageous during a disaster or survival situation when looting could be a real problem in most places. It would be much more difficult for people to break into an indoor storage facility and gain access to your cache of supplies than it would be for them to break into a normal unit outside.