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Three Questions To Ask When You Plan To Store Your Car For The Winter

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A convertible or other type of sports car can provide you with hours of cruising fun over the summer, but when the weather turns cold, it's time to think about storing the vehicle for the winter. Unless you have ample space in your garage, it's ideal to take the vehicle to a local storage facility that specializes in car storage. If there are a few such facilities in your community and you're trying to decide which one to visit, there are factors worth considering beyond the monthly cost of renting space. Here are three questions that you can ask a rental agent, which can help you evaluate which facility will be the temporary new home for your vehicle.

Are Your Individual Units Climate Controlled?

People who are storing wooden furniture often seek climate-controlled units so their items can be kept at a desired humidity, but it's important that you take the same vigilant approach when you're planning to store your car. Cars should be kept in an environment that has no more than 60 percent humidity. Excess humidity can cause moisture and eventual rust, while conditions that are too dry can be detrimental as well. Make sure that the rental agent can provide you with a unit that meets this criteria.

What Measures Do You Take To Keep Your Units Secure?

If you're leaving a valuable or rare vehicle in storage at the facility, you need to be sure that it will be kept secure until you're ready to pick it up. Select a facility that offers state-of-the-art security measures. These can include video cameras set up to capture the entrance and multiple areas throughout the premises, the need for visitors to scan passes to allow access after hours and even the inclusion of on-site security staff. You need the rental agent to provide you with a long list of the reasons that the facility is safe before you feel comfortable taking your vehicle there.

Can I Access My Vehicle Between Now And My Pickup Date?

Some facilities that concentrate exclusively on car storage over the winter months essentially close on a certain date in the fall and don't open until a specified date in the spring. If you think that you'll need to drop by the facility to check your vehicle or put something else in storage, you need to ensure that your unit will be accessible over the winter. In many cases, even if the facility is technically closed, you'll be able to visit your vehicle as long as you schedule a time to do so.